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★How to change my Email/I did not register with an Email address?

Hector -


If you do not have access to the email account or ingame account or you want to change your Email associated with your Kabam ID:


Then you must proof first of all that you are the owner of this account with answering these security questions: 

- Exact username and server

- Last two Ingame-Currency purchases

- Last two purchases with real money + copy of receipt

- Approximate join date

- Approximate date of last login

- Original email of the account

- Check payment receipts

=> Confirm these information.


Moreover we need the following data in regard to the kabam ID:

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    Adem Alptekin

    Email error

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    Adem Alptekin

    The whom it may concern,
    I tried to connect my account but i saw “email doesnt exist” warning. İ tried to password changing link but it didint work.
    Could you please help me for connect my game account again.
    Thank you

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    Adem Alptekin

    Unser ID: 9894132

    Realm Id : 280

    nick name :%&ALPTEKİN&%

    Email linked to your account

    New email to be linked

    Approximate date of account creation: 2013 november

    Last login :22 december 2017

    Screenshots of rubies purchases :50 rubies 13.05.2017

    665 rubies 01.10.2016

    Thank you in advance

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    I cannot logged in to the games
    I have logged in email and password but still cannot exist in.
    I hope you can help to solve it asap.player name sputter in golgi #285.

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