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    What is the point of your stupid elite boss kill when you turn down the spawn rate so only the players you want can win? I hit the elite campaign 110 times and could not spawn a single boss. That is grossly unfair and you have prohibited me from playing. You should be ashamed And don't give me some lame excuse - like it's just random - I have NEVER had to hit that many times to spawn a boss EVER. You cheated me

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    Dear Gaea-Team,
    I am writing you today because of a well known botter, called AiP on Server 140.
    You banned this Player for 24h. Within this time there where no event in the season so he had not any kind of disadvantage at all. This Player won most of the train and GK Events within a speed that is not possible with handmade work, you already banned this Player in the past so you already should be aware of it.
    Our #1 Alliance „Unity“ is more then dissapointed about it, even more, if this Player receive the Season prices.
    If this would happen, our whole alliance would boycott the game without spending 1 mithril until the next 2 upcoming seasons.
    So please, take care of it soon and respect all fair playing Gamers with banning AiP for mid/long term in order to get this Game clean from botters.
    Thanks and all the best Player. ᵖᵘᶰᵏʳᵒᶜᵏⒶˢᵒᶻᶤᵃˡ on Server EvD140

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