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Hector -

We value your feedback and suggestions. We are always looking to improve our games and we value the opinion of our players-- after all, it's your game too!

Where do I leave my feedback?
We would like to invite you to our Communities: Suggestions & Feedback, [here].

This forum is designed to be a collaborative effort, so please be respectful when reading and responding to the opinions and feedback of your fellow players.

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    What is the point of your stupid elite boss kill when you turn down the spawn rate so only the players you want can win? I hit the elite campaign 110 times and could not spawn a single boss. That is grossly unfair and you have prohibited me from playing. You should be ashamed And don't give me some lame excuse - like it's just random - I have NEVER had to hit that many times to spawn a boss EVER. You cheated me

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