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I did not get my Season/Event rewards. Is there anything wrong?

Hector -

We can understand it can be frustrating if the tournament season results have been declared on the forum but you have not yet received the rewards.

Please take into account that - given the large amount of participants - the manual payout of these rewards can sometimes take our workers more time than expected. Consequently, it could take up to 3 days before you receive the rewards.

Therefore, please have some patience.


What if I did not receive my rewards within 5 days after the season/Event is finished?

If within 5 days after the tournament season rewards have been declared you still have not received your rewards, then please contact our support via the game and provide them the following details.

1. In which Event were you participating?
2. Was it single or alliance rewards?
3. Which ranking did you achieve?
4. Specifically, which rewards did you not receive?

This information will allow us to investigate your game database in the best possible manner.

All the very best,
Your Gaeamobile Support

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