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My password reset is not working, what to do?

Hector -

Hi Warrior,

If after you have reset password it does not appear to work, we recommend you try the following steps:

1. Try to enter your details using different browsers, devices, or even the computer
2. Try to verify your correct email
3. Try to clear your cache/repair files of your device or browser if it still should not work

If none of these steps work, then contact our support team via the game and provide them the following information:

- Exact username and server

- Last two Ingame-Currency purchases

- Last two purchases with real money + copy of receipt

- Approximate join date

- Approximate date of last login

They will be delighted to investigate your issue further.

All the very best,
Your Gaeamobile Support

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    Moi je nais plus mon adresse mail et j'ai créé qui est valide : mais je ne puis transféré mon id et mon adresse. mon nom de jouer est Nice.wood. du serveur evd222 dans elf vs dawns

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    Ok tanks Nice.wood

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    Its dosent work

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