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Resetting your password

John -

If you know the email that is currently linked to your Gaea Mobile account you can reset your password using the following link:


If you are still unable to reset the password to your account please send in a ticket with the following information. This will help us locate your account, verify account ownership, and help you to regain access.


1) Player Name and World

2) Current email address linked with the account

3) Last (2) Mirlith Purchase Dates or Last (2) Item Purchases

4) Other Domain (World) Names and Player Names (with lesser Might)

5) Join Date (approximate is OK)

6) Last played date (approximate is OK)


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    Moi je nais plus mon adresse mail [email protected] et j'ai créé qui est valide : [email protected] mais je ne puis transféré mon id et mon adresse. mon nom de jouer est Nice.wood. du serveur evd222 dans elf vs dawns

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    Ok tanks Nice.wood

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    Its dosent work

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