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I did not receive the event rewards, what can I do now?

Hector -

The event rewards are not showing in my inventory
It can be very frustrating if the event rewards are not visible in your inventory. However, pretty often such cases can be caused by server synchronisation issues. Therefore, we recommend you to proceed with the following steps as they helped for various players to solve similar issues.

1. Restart your App
2. Reinstall your App
3. Clear the Cache of your App/ repair the files
4. Reset your internet connection

I still did not receive them, what now?
If you still did not receive them, then please contact our CS with the following information:

1. Your UID + WorldID
2. Which Event are you referring to? Please provide us the exact name and where in the game you did it?
3. Which ranking did you achieve within this event?
4. Do you have screenshots showing your ranking as well?
5. When was the issue occuring?
6. Which rewards were you supposed to receive?

Judging from these information our support will try to find the best possible solution for your case. 

All the very best,
Your Gaeamobile Support

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