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Dueling FAQ

Athena -

1. Q: What am I supposed to do as a knight?
A: Challenge other players to win Honor.

2. Q: What is Honor?
A: Honor determines which league you are in (Bronze, Silver, Gold).
To ensure fair competition, you are only allowed to challenge knights in your own league.
The more Honor you have, the more spectators you will attract.

3. Q: What should I know about dueling?
A: You need to set a deck and place your bet for dueling.
The duel result, which is determined by auto combat, will come out 24 hrs after the challenge is initiated.
You can view duel history in Battle – Completed, where red is for challenger and blue for challengee.
You can tap “View” to watch battle replays, where challenger is at the top and challengee is at the bottom.

4. Q: What can I get in Dueling?
A: If your opponent doesn’t accept the duel within 24hrs, you will receive 1 Honor, and your bet is returned. The opponent will lose 1 Honor.
If your opponent accepts the duel, they will be required to match your bet. When the duel finished, the winner will win 1 Honor and the loser's bet. The loser will not lose Honor.
Duels could be quite frequent, so make sure to check your duel log and don’t miss out a single fight.

5. Q: What should I do as a spectator?
A: You can go to Battle – Current, and bet on one of the two knights 30 minutes before the fight begins.
To view unfinished duels where you have placed a bet, go to Log – My Bet.

6. Q: Can I view dueling decks as a spectator?
A: We currently keep dueling decks unseen to make it more fun!

7. Q: How is my reward calculated as a spectator?
A: If you lose, your stake will be lost.

B: If you win:
Reward (rounded down) = (Your Bet/All Spectators' Bet on the Winner * All Spectators' Bet on the Loser) * 95% + Your Bet
Note: This applies to Gems and/or Gold, based on what you have placed; 5% of the bet your have placed will be charged as service fee.

My Bet: 99 Gems; 
All spectators' Bets on my Knight: 200 Gems; 
All spectators' Bets on the other Knight: 50 Gems;
If my knight wins, I will get (99/200*50)*95%+99 ≈ 99+23 ≈ 122 Gems.

8. Q: I have more questions, help!
A: Please contact Customer Support and provide specific information regarding your question in addition to your user ID and related screenshots.
ion to your user ID and related screenshots.

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