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How does the ranking system work?

John A -

There are four different types of ranking in AoA.

  • The first ranking is against your in-game friends.
  • The second type of ranking is global. You can compete with the best players of Ace of Arenas from all around the world. Ranking is based on how much Credit you have accumulated. Credit is earned after successful battles.
  • The third type of ranking is Might. Might is only obtained if you are victorious in a ranked battle. For more information about Might, read this article.
  • The fourth type of ranking is Clan Ranking. Clan Ranking is directly representative of a Clan’s strength. Only when 3 or 5 clan members fight together and win in a 3v3 or 5v5 ranked battle can Clan Ranking be earned.

In addition, Clans are ranked based on how much Clan Credit they have accumulated. For more information about Clan Credit, read this article.

You can view the rankings by tapping "Credit" on the main menu.

On the Credit screen, tap the options in the menu on the left side of the screen to view the different ranking lists. You can scroll up and down through the list to view the rankings of all the players or Clans on the list.

You can also tap a player's name to display more details about that player.

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