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Upgrading your Gear in Wartune: Hall of Heroes

John A -

You can Upgrade your Gear in the Blacksmith.

You will be able to:

  • Enchant Gear
  • Socket Gems
  • Synthesize Items
  • Refine Gear
  • Recycle Items you don't need
  • Convert Gems

How to Enchant Gear
To Enchant your Gear, simply go to the “Enchant” tab, drag your Gear Item to the “Equip” slot, and drag an Luck Stone to the “Luck Stone” slot. Once you have selected both items, you will be able to tap on “Enchant” to finish the process. This will consume 1 Luck Stone.

Remember that this process will cost you Gold and that there’s a Chance of Success and Failure. The Success Rate depends on the Level and Quality of the Item and the Level of the Stone you are using.

Each Item has a specific cap of Enchantment Levels, if you meet the cap, you will no longer be able to enchant it.

How to Socket Gems
Socketing the right Gems into your Gear is very important. Remember to Synthesize higher Level Gems to get a higher Battle Rating.

To  Socket a Gem, go to the “Socket” tab, select your Gear Item, locate an available Socket, and drag and drop your Gem.

If you have no open Sockets, you will be able to unlock one using a Socket Rod, or Balens. You can also remove previously socketed Gems and replace them with higher Level Gems. This will cost you Gold.

How to Synthesize Gems and Items
In order to keep your Gear updated, you need to upgrade your Gems. You can synthesize Gems in your “Synthesize” tab, selecting your available Gems. Remember that this process will cost you Gold.

Please notice that the process will not cost Balens, if you have enough Gems to complete this process for free. If you do not own enough Gems, you will be charged the difference in Balens that you did not have in Gems in order to complete the Synthesis.

How to Refine Gear
Refining your Gear in the Blacksmith is a useful feature that allows players to customize and buff Gear.

Find more about Refinement in our Refinement Guide: Refining and Locks in the Blacksmith, available in our How To Play Section.

How to Recycle Items that you don't need
Recycle Items you don't need to gather Materials for Refinement. Just select the Items you wish to recycle (up to 3 at a time) and tap on “Recycle”.

Remember that not all Items can be recycled.

How to Convert Gems
Converting Gems is a useful feature that allows you to convert high Level Gems you cannot use into the type of Gem you need. This process will cost you Gold, so make sure you have enough before you start.

To convert a Gem, go to your “Convert” tab, drag the Gem you wish to exchange to the item slot, and select the new Gem you wish to receive. Once you have done this, tap on “Convert” and you will complete the process.

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