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Tailoring: How does it work?

John A -

Tailoring allows you to Level up Clothing Items to increase the Starting Rage boost. Remember that leveling up Clothes will not add extra Stats to your character, it will only increase your Starting Rage boost. A Character with higher Starting Rage is most likely to win in a fight, as he or she will be able to use more powerful skills from the beginning.

You can find this feature in the Clothing Tab. To go to your Album, open your Character Profile and tap on “Clothing”. You will then have the option to access your Fashion Album or Tailoring Tab.

To start Tailoring select 2 Items from the 4 available Categories: Weapon, Armor, Hat, and Wings. Once you have done this, tap on “Synthesize”.

Each Synthesis will exchange the Items for one of the same range (or higher). The Synthesis is successful if the new Item has a higher Level. The process of Tailoring is based on chance, but you can use Luck Charms to improve your chances to 100%.

Fashion Cores can be used to take the place of a Level 1 Clothing Item, but they will not unlock Luck Charms. However, the chance of success for a Level 1 Clothing Item is still “High”.

When tailoring a Level 2+ Clothing Item and a Fashion Core, the chance of success will be reduced.

Synthesizing Clothing Items to higher levels might sometimes seem a bit difficult, but this is intended to make certain Clothing Levels elite and rare, which shows other players the progression of your Clothes as a sign of status and gameplay.

Clothing Synthesis also helps you unlock Clothing Items in your Fashion Album (see Fashion Album: Clothing Activation and Identification).

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