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Upgrading your Astrals in Wartune: Hall of Heroes

John A -

The Astro System in Wartune: Hall of Heroes allows players to get stronger by obtaining Astrals.

Astrals contain Buffs for your Character, and can be divided by Rarity (starting with less rare): White, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange and Red.

Each Astral can be leveled up by consuming other Astrals. This is called Astral Synthesis. In order to merge lower Astrals with your Main Astral, drag and drop the lower Astral to your Main Astral, and a confirmation pop up will appear. Tap on “Confirm”.

To Equip an Astral, pick up the Astral from your first window and add it to your Astral Inventory.

Once there, drag and drop the Astral to the available Astral Slot.

Keep in mind that you can only use one Astral of each type, you will not be able to repeat Astrals, and that some Astrals are incompatible with others, for example: Reduction of Damage (amount) [Aegis] and Reduction of Damage (percentage) [Goddess]. Make sure that you maximize the potential of your Astral Build with the right Strategy.

Star Point Exchange
Star points are the currency of the Astro System. You will receive points every time you capture new Astrals. The higher the Quality of the Astral you capture, the more points you get.

Once you have collected enough points, you can exchange them for Astrals by tapping on the “Exchange” button to the right of your Points.

You can purchase 3 types of Astrals with points: Red (15000 Points), Orange (7000 Points), and Purple (2000 Points).

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