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Mystery Shop

John A -

There are two sections to the Mystery Shop. The first area is the Purchase Item tab which always has 6 random items for sale which can be purchased using only Balens. You are also able to use Balens on the Refresh button located in this tab which will draw another random set of 6 items to replace the current set of items that are for sale. As you spend Balens on items and refreshing items in this section, your Points will get higher.
To clarify, the amount of Mystery Shop Points that you will receive for each purchase is equal to (1/20) of the cost of the item, rounded down.
For example, if you were to purchase an item for 75 Balens, you would receive the following Points: 75 x (1/20) = 3.75 (rounded down) = 3 Points. On the other hand, if you were to purchase a potion for 10 Balens, you will receive a total of 0 Points for this purchase. 10 x (1/20) = .5 (rounded down) = 0 Points
Also keep in mind that when spending 10 Balens to Refresh the available items, you will receive 10 Points in return. 
These Points can then be used in the second section of the Mystery Shop: the Exchange tab. However, it is important to realize that some of the more powerful items need to be purchased using both Points and Balens. Please note that any items that display both both Points and Balens in the Exchange tab must be purchased by using both the specified amount of Points and Balens; not one or the other.
For example, if the Wildfire Steed Card is located in the 'Exchange' area of the Mystery Shop, it can not be purchased using Balens alone. Both the listed amount of Points and Balens must be exchanged for the Wildfire Steed Card. However, if you get lucky on a Refresh in the 'Purchase Item' tab and the Wild Fire Steed Card becomes available in that section, it can be purchased using only Balens.
We hope this explanation clears up any confusion the Mystery Shop may have caused. If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns regarding the Mystery Shop that isn't covered here, feel free to contact our Support team and they will be happy to address your issue.
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