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Account Lost: New Phone, Account was not registered to Gaea

John A -

We highly suggest to back up the account data to the servers by registering the account from the main menu. Otherwise, if the device is lost; the game reinstalled; or the game updated, you risk losing all of your game data.

If you have changed your device and the account was not registered to Gaea, you will need to contact Support to recover your account.

Please create a new account and register the account to Gaea and reply with the new character name, account name and server.

To do this, go to your “Home Screen”, and tap on your “Player Name/Visitor”.

Tap on “Register”.

Select your new credentials. Make sure to save them somewhere, in case you forget them.

Please notice that if the Account Name you are trying to use is already in use, you will receive a message stating: "Username has been taken. Please try another”. This means that you need to register the Account under a different Name, as the one you chose was already used by another player. Remember that Character Name and Account Name don't need to be the same.

They will also need you to contact them with the following information as account verification:

1) Last (2) Balen Purchases (if any) or Last (2) Item Purchases
2) Join Date (approximate is OK)
3) Last played date (approximate is OK)
4) General information about the lost account, like player name and server, character class, account level, guild, etc

These details are extremely important, make sure that you include as many as you can in your contact. However, please notice that Support will never request your password or personal information.

Watch out for Account Phishing

  • NEVER give out your password to anyone.
  • NEVER click unknown links from untrusted sources.
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