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Must-know Beginner’s Tips:

Andi -

Rise & Rule is a strategy-oriented game and early-stage development is of vast importance. Here are some tips that could save you some trouble.


1, Make good use of beginner protection: You will have 3-day beginner protection after creating your character. Other players cannot attack you during this period, and you can expand your Armies, foster your Generals, and upgrade your buildings so you will have the ability to protect yourself.


2, Focus on Generals: Generals bring bonus attributes to their own troops. They will provide better bonuses as you foster them. Focus on Generals at an early stage to pave the way for military advantages later on.


3, Do Researches: There are four types of researches, Resources, Troops, Construction, and Military. Researches can efficiently enhance your overall strength, so it’s very useful to do researches continuously.


4, Use Items Reasonably: You can get quite some speed-up items from events and quests in the game. Using them reasonably can make your development twice as effective. Rely on free speed up at an early stage, then use speed-up items to accelerate your city construction.


5, Join an Alliance: Alliance members can speed up building queue for one another, and this is what makes Alliance essential at an early stage. Finding a decent Alliance is one of the keys to rapid development at an early stage.


6, Complete More Quests: There is a vast quest system in the game, which is the primary method to level up your character. Whenever you finish a building upgrade, troops upgrade, research, etc., you will receive enormous rewards from corresponding quests. Try your best to complete quests at an early stage for abundant benefits.



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