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  • Any piece of equipment can be invocated regardless of quality and level.
  • Only equipped equipment can be invocated.
  • Invocation doesn`t cost gold, balens or bound balens and the success rate is 100%.
  • Invocation includes following levels: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Master and Virtuoso. With higher levels comes higher bonuses.
  • Basic and Intermediate Invocations are available directly from the beginning. Invocation Formulars are needed to unlock advanced, master and virtuoso invocations. Each formula corresponds to a specific equipment slot.
  • Advanced formulas are acquired from mystery shop, Master Formulas are acquired from Crypt Shop, Virtuoso Formulars are acquired from events.
  • Invocation properties are randomly chosen from a certain scope.
  • Invocation Materials are acquired from gathering in Guild Mines.




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