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Cheating or Using Hacking Programs

John A -

We do not support or encourage cheaters or hackers in any way, shape, or form.

As stated in our Terms of Service: 

"You agree not to use, develop, or distribute any robot (or “bot”), spider, unauthorized script, unauthorized scraper or offline reader, or any other cheat, exploit, mod, bot, hack or the like, or any unauthorized third-party software designed to modify or interfere with or provide automated access to or use of the Websites or Services, or any portion thereof, or any Services available on or through any Third Party Platform."

Please note that we do NOT approve the use of any cheat programs. Cheats and hacks are in no way affiliated with Gaea. Attempting to use a cheat or exploit with our games is a violation of our Terms of Service, and presents grave risk to both your privacy and account information.

Downloading cheating software, and entering your credentials in a suspicious website, are the main ways to have your account info stolen.

What happens if someone is using such a program?
We check our games often to identify players using cheat programs. If we determine that a player has violated our Terms of Service, we will take action on the account.

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