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My Account was Suspended/Banned

Walter Clark -

If you are unable to log in and you have received a message stating that your account has been banned or suspended, you may be in violation of Gaea's Terms of Service. We are simply following procedures we have in place to ensure that our game environment is safe, fun, and friendly for players of various ages and beliefs. 

Why was my Account Suspended or Banned?
Due to privacy concerns, we may not able to provide exact details on what was said, or how the Terms of Service violation came to our attention. Common violations include, but are not limited to, being abusive to other players, using inappropriate language, or using a Third Party Script or Program while playing the game.
You will be able to find our Terms of Service here:

More specifically, you may find some details about interaction in our games. Repercussions for harassment, cheating, pornographic content, or inappropriate language may not always be the same. We do attempt to provide our players with a friendly warning first. This may include a temporary mute in game, or a suspension that lasts a day or more.  If however this becomes an ongoing issue, we can take additional actions up to, and including account closure. For serious real world threats, we may also notify local authorities if we feel there is a serious danger expressed in any avenue of communication in our games.

Thank you for your understanding and helping us to maintain a safe gaming experience for everyone.

You are of course welcome to reach out to our customer support and ask for more info. But please note you must verify the account is your before we can provide any information.

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