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Attachment Remaking

Walter Clark -

Dear Overseers,
Today Vault-Tec is going to introduce you the forward-looking content of the Attachment remaking feature that is coming soon!
Basic Information
1. The Attachment Remaking feature will be opened in batches. All Attachments can be remade.
2. Boosting Attachments will unlock 2 Boost attributes for Orange Attachments and 1 for Purple or lower rarity.
3. The rarer the Attachments, the more growth of Boost attributes.
4. Different kits are required when boosting, resetting, rolling back different parts of Attachment.
5. Boost attributes can be reset or rolled back.
Attachment Boosting
1. Level up an Attachment to lv. 60 to unlock and enter Attachment Remaking.
2. Tap Boost to unlock Boost attribute by spending Adaptability Chips and Superb Attachment Upgrade Materials.
3. If you're satisfied with the current attribute, tap Save. If not, just Abandon it and repeat Step 2.
4. Save attributes and keep boosting. Don't forget to prepare enough kits for each part.
Attachment Reset / Rollback
1. Reset is unlocked for all boosted Attachments.
2. Reset an Attachment costs you 1 Adaptability Chip.
3. The Attachment will go back to the status before it's boosted. Some of the corresponding kits will be returned depending on Boost Rarity.
4. Rollback is similar with Reset. The only difference is Rollback makes Attachment go back to Boost Rarity 1 and the Boost attributes are retained.
That's all of this guide of Attachment Boosting!
The remake feature will be unlocked after the update on October 22. Stay tuned!
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