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John -

We value your feedback and suggestions. We are always looking to improve Marvel United and we value the opinion of our players-- after all, it's your game too! 

Where do I leave my feedback?
We would like to invite you to our Communities: Suggestions & Feedback, [here].

This forum is designed to be a collaborative effort, so please be respectful when reading and responding to the opinions and feedback of your fellow players.

What else can I do?
If you do not want to post your feedback on the Forums, please click on the ""I still need Help"" button below. However, we would highly suggest posting your concerns on the Forums, as this will allow other players to join the thread. This gives our Development Team a better idea of the wishes and concerns of our Community, and they are able to process the information for changes all players will enjoy.

What should I consider when making a suggestion?
There are a few things you can do to make your suggestions more useful, and thus make them more likely to be implemented:

  • Think about all the users: Think about how your feature idea will affect the game and community as a whole.
  • Identify the purpose of your suggestion: What issues do you see in the game, and how would you resolve them?
  • Clearly state your suggestion as the title of your thread.
  • Remember that development takes time: Even if we love your idea, it will take us some time to develop it. We need to plan out the new feature, create specification sheets, assign programming resources, test it several times, and finally release it.

Remember that presenting your ideas in a well thought out manner will not only help us to consider your suggestion, but will also avoid confusion.

We look forward to hearing your suggestions!

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  • Avatar

    Que panda de estafadores es gaea

  • Avatar
    Enaitz Robles

    Quiero cambiar de reino alguno que me ayude ??

  • Avatar
    Jorge Ernesto schmidt saucedo

    Tengo un problema hace mucho tiempo que no juego y ahora que he retornado me sale que mis compañeros an emigrado a otro reino

  • Avatar
    Paul Andrés Aispuro

    Quisiera me lograrán de reino deje de jugar un rato y no esta nadie en el Reino mi usuario es: Tomandante YaYo reino: Autochthon

  • Avatar
    Paul Andrés Aispuro

    Quisiera que emigraran mi reino a otro servidor activo usuario: Tomandante YaYo Reino: Autochthon ...gracias

  • Avatar
    Hector benitez

    Me pueden explicar como se cambia de reino porfavor?

  • Avatar
    Rosa isabel gracia neuz

    Por algún motivo no puedo entrar a mi antigua cuenta quisiera saber por qué y si hay la posibilidad de volver a entrar y jugar con el

    Cuando ingreso mi contraseña me manda un mensaje que la contraseña esta incorrecta o que contacte servicio a clientes

    Reino elíptica
    Cc [259, 148]
    Realmente no recuerdo mi ID

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